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 Courses to Order

"Whatever One often ponders upon, will be the inclination of his mind" the Buddha

A 50-hour training course for vinyasa yoga based on the 5 elements




*For institutions and yoga studios

Getting to know and establishing the understanding of the five elements in a systematic practice free of school and guru. 

Continuing training for professionals or students as part of a teacher course from all streams.

10 sessions, 5 academic hours each session

The topics of studies:

1. Asana Vinyasa

2. Variations

3. Compensation

4. Target positions

5. Numerical principle

*Theory of teaching and leading yoga classes.


The course imparts skills in building diverse and adapted yoga practice sequences for different populations.

The training opens a gate to thinking and applying new knowledge of movement based on traditional yoga.
In addition, we will learn to work in changing planes of motion while, activating the voluntary motor center through motion and imagination. The idea is that every posture is an asana and every movement is a vinyasa, a principle that expands the work of both teacher and practitioner.

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