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Yoga Teacher Course

Systematic practice free from method
Based on the "Five principles"

I started guiding yoga teacher courses in 2005, with the encouragement and support of Jonathan Fisher, as part of the "HOLMES PLACE" sport studies school. At that time, the academic roof was provided by the "SEMINAR HAKIBUTZIM". The school was closed and from there I continued to train yoga teachers as part of professional certificate studies in recognition of the "Israeli Yoga Teachers' Association", with the support of my students

Lior Perry, Sigal Gur Lavi, Tamar Adi, Michal Sinai and Keren Cohen. 

Deep Journeys in yoga

Teacher course for 45+  



Certificate studies in the scope of 250 hours

Will open in January 2024

Divided into two modules -

5 months in Israel

10 days in Paros, Greece.



The classic course





500 hours yoga teacher certificate studies.

Two years of study, recognized by the Israeli yoga teachers' organization.


Certificate examples



Upcoming course
will open on


Completion for a 500 hour teacher's certificate, takes place at "Ellayoga Sarona" 
Intended for those who have completed at least 200 hours of study in various yoga instruction courses.

For details and registration


Feel free to call me

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