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Mindfulness is a learning and practice process aimed at increasing emotional well-being and reducing distress.

The practice of meditation establishes wisdom:

Getting to know life experiences while being thankful and developing joy and understanding the sources of suffering. 

The practical work (meditation) is based on Buddhist theory and knowledge.

in fact,

Meditation is like hearing more.
Meditation is like seeing more.

Meditation is the opening of the mind to happiness, love and understanding.
Meditation teaches to be grounded in the openness of the heart and the ability to feel gratitude.
Meditation teaches to look closely and far at the same time.

Meditation illuminates what is before the words.
Meditation echoing the understandings that come after the words.

I lead educational workshops and regular classes at "Ellayoga" TLV, and personally accompany through MBT  (mindfulness based therapy) individuals and dedicated groups.


For those interested,

Maidenfulness classes are filmed and open for practice

In addition, I recommend two books to start the journey in mindfulness:

Jack Kornfield - "The Wise Heart"

Rupert Gethin - "Buddhism"

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