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 Retreats to Order

The movement of the body and within the body, is a deep well from which one can draw joy of life, love, mental well-being, sensitivity and wisdom.  

Gaga Yoga





Taos Center, Paros, Greece.
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For registration and information:

Awareness through Movement -

meditation, yoga and Feldenkrais



One to five days according to 

Two to three practices a day:
Yoga practices

Feldenkrais lessons
Meditation sessions - mindfulness


8-20 participants

Private and closed groups by reservation.

Can take place globally everywhere.
Hebrew or English.

3,700 NIS per day

Israel Yoga Festival




Kfar HaNokdim, Israel.
Once a year during September

Teaches on 9/22/23
12:00 yoga
16:00 meditation
For registration and information:

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