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  Group Workshops
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Every body position is an "asana"

Every movement is a "vinyasa"
The breath transforms the action into "yoga"

Yoga, Mindfulness and Feldenkrais workshop




6 sessions During a weekend gathering 

2  Feldenkrais lessons
2 meditation sessions - mindfulness
2 yoga practices

8-20 participants

Companies and private groups
9,000 NIS

An introductory workshop
The Basics of yoga




Deepening in basic learning the poses and movements of yoga, including anatomical and mental explanations that establish the understanding of traditional and contemporary yoga.

           Each meeting will deal with a different topic:

  1. Standing postures and the balance system, beginning of meditation

  2. Postures in different planes of movement, continuation of the principles of Buddhist meditation

  3. Vinyasa - the movement world of yoga

  4. Variations on the familiar and wholesome thinking

  5. Summary and more from the world of mindfulness.

5 sessions Once a week

2 hours per session

3-10 participants

Companies and private groups,


 at the practitioner's place

6,000 NIS

Mindfulness workshop



A meditation workshop based on the Buddhist tradition. Nourishment and cultivation of benevolent thinking, concentration, relaxation, sensitivity and wisdom.

8 sessions once a week

2 hours per session

8-20 participants

Companies and private groups

at the practitioner's place
9,600 NIS

*Suitable for organizations, commercial companies, offsites etc.
Can be held globally, Hebrew and English.

*Groups of non-profit workers in the fields of providing assistance to underprivileged populations are given workshops for study days in pro bono

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